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Chapter Two; Je veux que cette nuit dure pour toujours

I know it's been a while, but I've been busy. How bout our boys finishing off the Flyers today? It was a scary series, but I'm glad it's over. LETS GO PENS. Comments are greatly appreciated.

Chapter Two

"He told me that he was glad that he met me and that he wants us to be friends." It was the truth; she had just left out the part where they had exchanged phone numbers. Oh, and the part where they hugged and she had definitely felt something, but neither of them need to know. And there was no way that anything could happen between them; she was with Jared, whom she loved, and Marc was with Vero, the girl that he obviously loved since they had been together since they were fifteen.

"Oh that's cool," Jared said. Kailey tried to breathe a sigh of relief without being noticed. "So you think we'll have 'career' seasons?"

"I hope so," Kailey said. "Colleges are gonna be looking at us. I hope I can get into RMU and make their hockey team, if not I might try for Boston."

Jared laughed at the thought of Boston, "Baby I know you really want to play college hockey, but I really can't see you going to Boston."

"Well then I better make RMU's team," she said with a smile. Soon they pulled into Jared's driveway and Kay left the car running while she got out to say good-bye. Jared pulled her into a hug before placing a gentle kiss on her cheek. "Bye baby, I love you."

"I love you too, bye Kailey." he pressed his lips to hers, only holding them there before pulling away and walking inside. When the front door had closed Kailey walked back to her car and revved the engine before heading off to her house, two streets over.

The next morning Kailey was at work in the sports store in the local ice rink and was stocking sticks when her cell phone began to ring. For fear of dropping and/or damaging the sticks or her manager coming in she let it go to voicemail. With her lunch break only an hour away she decided that the message could wait. With sticks and skates restocked she sat down in the back from for lunch at noon.

"Hey Kailey, this is Marc-Andre. I was just wondering if you would want to hang out sometime, maybe help me to learn my way around the city. If not I understand, but either way give me a call. I'll talk to you later and hopefully see you soon."

Finishing her peanut butter sandwich she went to her contacts scrolled down to 'M' and pressed send upon getting to Marc-Andre's name. "Hello?"

"Hey Marc its Kailey, sorry I didn’t answer before, I'm at work."

"It's okay, I'm glad you called back." A smile was evident in his voice. "So I know that we only met yesterday, but would you want to hang out?"

"I would love to, are you free tonight?"

"Sure, would you want to met at the ice rink where we met yesterday?"

"Sure, I get off work at three so I'll meet you there."

"Okay, good-bye Kailey, see you in a few hours."

"Good-bye Marc." She hung up and finished her lunch while trying not to freak out. Amy walked in the door as Kay walked back into the store at twelve forty-five.

"Kailey lace up!" The manager yelled in. "You're rink guard for the public skate."

"I take it you want me to skate with you, huh?"

"Lace up." They hit the ice a few minutes before the few skaters did. There were only about five skaters so Kay and Amy hung out by the bench.

"What are your plans for tonight?"

"Showing Marc-Andre around the city."

"No you’re not."

"Yes I am, I can prove it." She pulled her phone from her pocket, calling her voicemail before handing the phone to Amy. She listened to the message carefully, blocking the skaters out. "Guys off the boards!" Kay yelled. The kids continued to sit on the boards and Kailey skated up to them. "Guys either get off the boards or you gotta go." Finally the guys got off the boards and Kay made her way back to Amy.

"I can’t believe you’re showing Marc-Andre around the city."

"I know, I'm excited! He's such a cool guy and I really want to get to know him."
"You like him, don’t you?"

"Yeah, but I'm with Jared and he's with Vero, and we're all happy. Off the bench! I get off work at three and he's meeting me here."

"Does he know you work here?"

"No, he'll find out when I walk out wearing this shirt though. I mean I've only known him for a day and he just wants to get to know people here."

Public skate went by slowly and Kailey skated skillfully most of the time. Three o'clock finally came, the ice was cleaned and Kailey placed her 'work' skates in her locker in the back room. Marc-Andre was waiting outside at three and the two girls exited the building as soon as they could.

"See you later Aims, hi Marc."

"Hello Kailey, are we going to take your car?" he asked kissing her hand.

"Sure." They made their way to the car and started off through the city. They didn’t get out of the car much when she showed him parts of Oakland and downtown. They did get out when they got to Station Square and took the incline to Mt. Washington. "Isn't the view beautiful?"

"It is, I'm really liking this city, and I can't wait to play here."

"Everyone else is excited for you to play too." As Kailey looked out at the city Marc's eyes were on her. Because she was so in love with the city a smile was upon her lips and as a slight wind came through her bangs were blown from behind her ear, causing her to be brought from her 'trance' and Marc focused on the city as she focused on him. "So do you want to get something to eat?"

"Sure." They took the incline back down to Station Square where they ate dinner at the Hard Rock Café. "So I see that you work at the ice rink?"

She looked down at the polo that displayed the logo from Blade Runners. "Yeah, I normally work in the store but sometimes I get to be rink guard and skate all day."
"Sounds like a fun job, does it pay well?"

"It's decent, I only get half of my paycheck though because half of it goes right to the ice to pay for my ice time."

"Oh, so what job did you do today?"

"Both, I was in the store when you called and then I was rink guard during the public skate." They continued to talk throughout dinner and then they decided to go to the point. "This is my favorite place in the city, other than the arena. This is where I want to be proposed to."

"It’s very pretty here," he said aloud before thinking to himself, "Just like you."

They spent a few more minutes at the fountain before walking back to the car downtown . For the ride back to Blade Runners the two continued to learn more about each other, including each other's significant other. Kay learned that Veronique was a very pretty girl, the same age as she and Marc, and grew up down the street from him. Kailey told Marc about how she met Jared when she was eight and he switched from playing deck hockey. They had always been friends but only started to have feelings for each other towards the end of the previous season.

They arrived at the rink and saw that it was only seven fifteen. "Hey public skate just started and goes til nine, would you want to come skate for a while?"
"You really love you skate, don't you?"

"I've been skating for as long as I've been able to walk, it's just natural for me."

"Let me grab my skates from my car," he said with a smile. Marc walked to his car and Kailey to the door to wait for him. "Alright, let's go."

"Hey Jay, he's with me," she said walking past the front desk to the benches where they sat to put their skates on.

"I'm glad you decided to hang out with me today, I had a lot of fun."

"I had fun too, you ready to skate?" Marc nodded and they hit the ice to find more skaters than had been there earlier that day, but dramatically less than there would be at the same time on a night in December. Since there were very few skaters there was a lot of open ice allowing Kailey to skate freely, quickly switching between skating forwards and backwards. Marc managed to keep pace with her and after twice around the rink they stopped when they came to the bench.

"You're a very talented skater," Marc said running his fingers through his hair.

"Thank you," she said simply. "You’re not too bad yourself."

He smiled. "I know you play defense but have you ever thought of playing goal?"

"Nope, Jared wanted to teach me, but I didn't want to embarrass myself in front of my team."

"Well I'll have to teach you some time. We'll make sure that no one's around so that you don't get laughed at if you end up being really bad at it." A smile came to his face.

"Sounds good."

They continued to skate until nine o'clock when the buzzer rand to signal that it was time for everyone to leave. Kailey and Marc took longer than they normally would to take their skates off, enjoying each other's company. Five minutes passed and they stood and went to the parking lot. "Goodnight Kailey, thank you again for spending the day with me."

"You're welcome, thanks for wanting to spend the day with me. Goodnight," She said as his arms wrapped around her. 'I want this night to last forever' she thought and rested her head against his chest.

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Offense or Defense?

My new story, Offense or Defense? about Kris Letang is offically up!!! It starts in the 2006 season in which Letang played less than ten games. Please read and feel free to comment. Also continue to read both Staal and Le Petit Fleur. Thank you all so much for all of your support and continue to spread the word about all three stories.

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