Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Chapter Twelve; Au Revoir

This chapter is a lot shorter than the normal ones, but I haven't updated in a while so I figured I would put something up to hold you over until I can find my writing touch again. Comments would be great... GO PENS!!!

Chapter Twelve

"You wanna hang out?" Jared has asked when Kailey sat down next to him on the bus after school.

"I would love to but Marc just called and said it's important."

Now she stood in the parking garage next to his apartment building and she was devastated; her best friend was leaving her and she didn't know for how long.

Once Marc was completely out of sight Kailey pulled her phone from her pocket and pushed two, the speed dial for Jared. It was cold out so she decided that her car would be the best place for this conversation to take place. "Hello?"

"Jare, can I come over?"

"Yeah, what's up?"

"I'll tell you when I get there." She didn't say good-bye or even the usual, 'I love you' before hanging up. The last few weeks had really messed her up, first seeing on of her best friends in the hospital, then that friend dying, she had been there for Marc; being strong, helping him through the hard time, but Marc had been there to help her just as much. Now this, now her best friend, the friend who she had been there for and who had been there for her was leaving. She didn't know how long he was going to be gone, and when if ever she would be able to see him again. She was sure that he would come back to the NHL, but would they still be friends? Would he remember their friendship, or just forget it, after all it had only lasted a few months.

"Kailey stop," she said out loud. Of course he would remember, the last few weeks at the very least. He had said that they would remain friends though, and she was sure that Marc would never break a promise that he had made to her, especially one like that.

She started the car and soon she found herself in front of Jared's house. She had gone there on auto-pilot because she hadn't even remembered leaving the parking garage. She took one more deep breath before turning the car off, removing the key from the ignition, releasing the seat belt, and getting out of the car. The ground was still covered in a light layer of snow and it made crunching noises under her converse as she walked up the path to the porch. The doorbell let out a rang when she pushed the button and she brushed the bottom of her shoes off on the rug in front of the door as she waited.

"Oh hello Kailey, Jared's out back," his mom said.

"Thanks." She closed the door behind her as she walked inside and made her way to the back door and walked back outside. Jared was shooting at the net that he had in the yard but when he heard the door close he dropped his stick to the ground and practically ran over to his girlfriend and wrapped his arms around her.

"Tell me what happened baby," he brushed snow off the stone wall so that she could sit down.
"He's gone."

"Who?" Jared asked with concern.

"Marc, they sent him back to his junior team. That's why he called me after school. They told him at practice today, he wanted to tell me in person and say good-bye. He's gone Jare, and I don't know when I'll get to see him again." She rested her head on his shoulder and hoped that he wouldn't realized that she had started to cry.