Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Kris Letang?

Hey guys!!! I want to thank everyone for reading both Staal and Le Petit Fleur, I really appreciate it. As you may have noticed I have been really motivated to write lately, I have no idea why, but I'm not complaining about it. I know Staal and Le Petit Fleur are a lot, but I was wondering if anyone would be interested in really a Kris Letang story? I seem to be the one who writes about the guys who only have one or two stories anywhere about them. I just like to show my appreciation to those guys and what they do.

So let me know if you would be interested in reading about Kris because I started a story today.

Thanks guys, and keep reading!

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Chapter One; Peux Je rester dans vous bras toujours?

Hey guys this is a re-make of an old story of mine. I hope that you enjoy it, not many people write about Marc-Andre so I thought why the hell not write one myself. Haha. I really hope that you guys like this story, please spread the word and comments are greatly appreciated.

Chapter One

“The Pittsburgh Penguins chose from the Cape Benton Screaming Eagles of the Quebec Major Junior League, Marc-Andre Fleury.” Craig Patrick, the Penguins general manager, said on the stage of the 2003 Entry Draft.

“This may be the beginning of a very good future for the team,” Kailey said.

“I hope so, I love our boys but I’m sick of watching them lose,” Kailey’s best friend Amy said as the next draftee was chosen. It was a cute blonde eighteen year old from some place in Ontario, his name was something Staal… oh yea Eric Staal, that’s right. “I’ve heard Fleury’s pretty good; let’s hope this jump starts the team.”

“I hope so; he’s kind of cute too. Look at his hair and his smile is so adorable.”

“Seriously if people didn’t know you they’d think you were a puck bunny,” Amy said with a laugh.

“As I’ve been saying for years, the fact that some of the guys are cute is just a perk.”

“A very nice perk,” Amy giggled. “You think he’ll make the team out of training camp?”

“I would hope so, do you think they would draft a goalie first overall if they weren’t going to use him?”

“True.” The girls continued to watch the draft all the while thinking of the new addition to their team.

Amy and Kailey had been friend since the first day of fifth grade and were practically sisters, spending most of their time at each other’s houses.

The week after the draft the girls woke up to find the newspaper on the kitchen table. There was a rather large picture of Fleury doing a cannon ball into the pool in his backyard in Sorel, Quebec.

“I’m so glad we drafted this man,” Amy said with a smile.

They read the three pages of articles and learned about Marc and the town where he grew up. “Damn he’s taken,” Kailey said.

“Of course he is, look at the man. Besides you’re taken too.”

“I know, but a girl can dream right?”

“About this man, yes,” Amy couldn’t help but laugh as she said this.

The end of June came and all of July past as both girls worked and spent the remainder of their time swimming and hanging out. Jared, Kailey’s boyfriend, also spent a lot of time with them. He was a few months younger then the two girls making him seventeen as Kay and Amy had turned eighteen within three days of each other in mid-July. He had known both girls since they were all pretty young as they played hockey together for about ten years. Having been friends and teammates for so long Kailey and Jared started to have feelings for each other and early in the summer they started going out.

“Special Kay!”

“Yea Bob?” Bob was her hockey coach of six years and liked to call her special Kay because she was the shortest player on the team but the toughest, even tougher than all the boys.

“I was just wondering if you were signing up for hockey this year, registration’s next week.”

“Damn it’s that time already?” She didn’t play for her school team because they had a thing against girls playing on the boys team, so Kailey and Amy both played for a local team.

“Look Bob, I’ve been skating for as long as I’ve been able to walk and playing hockey for fifteen years I’m just worn out so I’m not gonna play this year.”

“Really?” Bob asked shocked.

“No way in hell, I love hockey way to much to ever quit. I’ll still be playing when I’m sixty.”

“Okay you scared me. I need my star defenseman.”

“I know, who else are you gonna get to go out to hit, kill penalties and play on the power play?”

“Just no suspensions this year, okay?”

“Uh, I’ll try.” She had been suspended during the previous season for two games. A winger on the other team was going after Kay’s star center and she was getting fed up. Being the physical one on the team at five foot three she dropped the gloves with the six foot winger and soon after dropped him to the ice. “But you’ve gotta admit that if I didn’t fight him he would have kept beating up on Ronnie.”

“True, I’m sure Ronnie appreciated it. Didn’t you know that kid?”

“Yea, he was in my English class last year.”

Kay ended her call as Amy walked in the front door, “What’s the plan for the day?”

“Go home and get your skates; we’re hitting the rink.”

Amy left and quickly returned with her Bauer skates draped over her shoulder. Piling into Kay’s black Jetta, well her dad’s Jetta; they headed to the local ice rink, showed their passes and laced up. Jared had met them there and laced up as well. “It’s so weird not seeing you in goalie gear,” Amy said stretching before stepping onto the ice.

They finally hit the ice to find only a few people since it was one in the afternoon in the beginning of August. Amy who was a winger worked mostly on her speed while Kailey and Jared worked on back checking and changing direction quickly. After they had been there for about half an hour some one new stepped onto the ice causing Kay to stop quickly along the boards. “Oh my God.”

“Is that who I think it is?” Amy asked stopping beside her.

“I’m pretty sure it is.”

“Huh?” Jared asked.

“Marc-Andre Fleury,” both girls said staring off at the man across the ice. He skated so flawlessly and held Kay and Amy’s attention. His hair flowed behind him as he quickly and skillfully skated around the rink. He took his hat off and ran his fingers through his hair causing Kailey to almost fall to the ice. She used the boards to hold herself upright. “I think we should be nice and say hi. Ya know welcome him to the city,” Somehow she gained her composure and skated up next to Marc-Andre. “Hi.”

“Hello,” he said turning towards her, his brown eyes looking directly at her, taking in her whole body.

“I don’t mean to be creepy, or weird, or whatever, but I just wanted to welcome you to the city,” her excitement was evident in her smile and eyes, but she tired to keep her voice normal in an attempt to not freak him out. “Oh by the way my name is Kailey Schwartz, Kay for short.”

“Well thank you, you’re the first to recognize me and I’m glad you didn’t come up screaming and asking for my autograph,” he said with a laugh.

His smile sent shivers down her spine “You have no idea how hard it is to be calm right now Marc-Andre.”

“You can call me Marc, those friends of yours?” he pointed to Amy and Jared.

“Yea,” she motioned for them to come over. “Guys this is Marc-Andre Fleury, Marc this is my best friend Amy and my boyfriend Jared.”

“Nice to meet you,” he shook hands with both of them, but when he reached for Jared’s hand his smile faded.

The four of them spent about an hour and a half more skating and getting to know each other. At three o’clock though the public skate ended and the ice was abandoned for the bench where everyone removed their skates. Everyone said good-bye to Marc and started towards the door, “Kailey can I talk to you for a minute?”

“Sure,” she said before turning to Jared and Amy. “I’ll meet you guys in the car.” Amy and Jared went to the car and Kay walked back to Marc.

“I’m glad I meet you today Kailey, I hope that we can be friends.”

“I would love for us to be friends, give me your phone.”


“Let me see your cell phone so that I can give you my number.” A smiled spread across both faces and they exchanged phones.

“I’ll call you,” he said giving Kailey back her phone.

“Okay, good-bye Marc.” She reluctantly gave him a hug but relaxed when both of his arms wrapped around her; making her feel safe.

“Good-bye Kailey,” he release her from his grasp and placed a gentle kiss on her hand.

Kailey made her way out to the car with a wide smile on her now glowing face. ‘I hope Amy and Jared don’t ask any questions,’ she though while walking through the parking lot. “So what was that about?” Amy asked when she closed the driver’s side door. ‘Oh boy, what do I say?’