Sunday, May 24, 2009

Chapter Three ; Je t'amour.

Hey guys, I'm so sorry that it's been so long since I updated. I've just been so busy with school and hockey. But now school is almost over and I'm getting more and more time. Oh, how about our boys? Kicking some Canes ass, I must say that I enjoy it. Well now to the story... I hope that you enjoy it and comments are greatly appreciated.

Chapter Three

“So, how was hanging out with Marc yesterday?” Amy asked the next day as they laced up their skates.

“It was a lot of fun. We went all over the city, stopped at the point, ate dinner, came here, and went skating. He wants to teach me how to play goalie.”

“Didn’t Jared want to teach you?”

“Yeah, in front of the entire team. Sorry that I didn’t want to make an ass out of myself in front of all of the guys. Alright, let’s go watch like six people skate.” Kailey liked being rink guard during the summer because there were never a lot of people to worry about which meant that she got to do her own thing most of the time.

The end of the week came and soon it was time to register for hockey. Kailey would be playing for Bob again which meant that she would be on the top defensive line, playing against the other team’s top lines and inflicting pain upon star centers. Practices would be starting in mid-September, the same time as the Penguins’ training camp.

For the remainder of August Kay spent most of her time at the rink, whether it was for work or just to skate with Amy, Jared, and Marc. The last day of summer vacation came and it was spent in Kay’s backyard. The concrete slab off to the side is where the three friends stood. Jared had a pair of his old pads on in net and Kay and Amy took shots on him for over an hour. When they were done taking shots they changed into their bathing suits and crossed the street to get to their friends’ house. ‘Hey Nik!” Nik or Nikki had been friends with Kailey and Amy since they all were in fifth grade. She lived across the street from Kailey and was also like a sister.

“Hey guys,” she said from the swing in the backyard. “I take it you want to swim?”

“One more before we go back to school,” Jared said.

“You guys ready for senior year?” Nikki asked as they got into the pool.

“I guess, I’m more excited for hockey season to start,” Kailey said pulling her goggles down over her eyes.

“Ours or the Pens?” Amy asked.

“Both, I can never get enough hockey, you guys know that.”

After swimming Jared decided that he should do home so that he could get ready for school the next day. “Good-bye Jared, I love you.”

“Love you too Kay, see you tomorrow.” He kissed her before walking down the street to his house. Kailey went inside, showered, and threw a few notebooks into her book bag before sitting down in front of her computer. Looking through pictures of Jared she couldn’t help but think about Marc and just then her phone rang.


“Hey Kailey it’s Marc, I was just wondering if you work tomorrow?”

“Yeah, I have to go in right after school. I’m hoping that I can be rink guard so that I can work on my skating some more.”

He couldn’t help but laugh. “Kailey you are an amazing skater, seriously defensemen are the best skaters. But, I wan planning on skating tomorrow too since camp starts next week.”

“Thanks and I guess I’ll see you tomorrow.” She hung up and tried to wipe the smile off of her face. ‘I’m not allowed to have these feelings,’ she thought. ‘I can’t get attached to him, what happens if he doesn’t make the team and has to go back to Canada?” To push these thoughts from her mind she pulled out her cell phone and held two.

“Hey baby, what’s up?”

“I know that you just went home like an hour ago, but would you want to come over and take shots for a while?”

“Sure, I’ll see you in a couple minutes.”

“Okay, I love you.”

“I love you too.” They hung up at the same time and Kay threw on a pair of flip flops before walking out the back door and picking up her old Easton stick. A few slap shots hit the back of the net before Jared stepped onto the concrete slab, “You okay?”

“Yeah, I just wanted to spend some time with you, and just you.”

He picked up a stick and kissed her cheek, “That’s fine with me.”

They spent about an hour taking shots before saying good-bye with a hug and kiss. After Jared left Kay continued to take shots to prepare for practices that would be starting soon.

“GOOD MORNING!” Kailey’s mom said cheerfully the next morning.

“Eh,” she said still half asleep putting her lunch into her bag. “I have work after school so I’ll see you at like nine thirty.”

“Have fun.”

“Yeah sure mom, bye.” She walked outside and waited a few minutes for before the big yellow school bus pulled up. She made her way to the back of the bus where she found Jared and sat down next to him, resting her head on his shoulder. Neither said anything and just sat hand in hand for the ten minute ride to school. Upon arriving to school they received their schedules and went to the lounge to wait for the bell.

Amy, Nikki, Jared, and Kailey had most of their classes together though not all. French was Kailey’s first class of the day and she had it with Amy while Jared and Nikki had Elementary Functions. Having the same French teacher for three years the two girls knew that nothing would get done on the first day, but they would learn a lot over the course of the year.

“So glad I don’t have to take math this year,” Kailey said.

“Lucky, I have it next.”

“History, it should be fun, I have it with Nikki.”

The rest of the day went as Kailey though it would, slowly. Each class was spent with teachers explaining what would be learned over the course of the year and what supplies would be needed. The bell rang and Kailey waited for her bus, going home she changed for work.

Starting work at four Kailey had a break for dinner at six and worked in the store until quarter to seven came. “Kailey, lace up!”

She grabbed her skates from the back room and soon hit the ice. Since it was the first day back to school there were only three skaters, at least until seven-thirty.

Marc hit the ice and his eyes lit up when he saw who was rink guard. “Hello Kailey,” he said spraying snow up onto the boards.


“How was school?”

“Boring,” she said with a smile. “Though work hasn’t been too exciting either.”

“I’m sorry to hear that.”

“It’s okay, you’re here now so it’s better.”

He smiled as she grabbed his hand and pulled him with her as she skated backwards. “And you think that you need to work on your skating,” he said with a smile.

“I never said that. I said that I wanted to skate, it’s like walking for me.”

They skated together until the public skate ended and as usual slowly removed their skates. After saying good-bye in the parking lot they went their separates way, both trying to push thoughts of the other from their mind.

Only being the first day of school there was no homework so when Kailey got home from the rink she showered and threw on a pair of shorts and t-shirt before sitting down in the family room. After a while she got bored of watching her bother play a video game and decided to go to her room. Just as she was entering her room her phone rang and the called id displayed ‘Jared’.

“Hey baby, how was work?”

“Good, there were only four skaters and one of them was Marc.”

“That’s good, at least you had someone to talk to.” She was so glad that he saw it this way and didn’t see it as her spending time, lots of time with a very attractive foreign man.

They talked for a little longer until they both decided that it was time to go to bed. “Goodnight Kailey, I love you. See you in the morning.”

“Yep. Goodnight Jared, I love you too.”

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Eric Godard?

So, I have a thing for Eric Godard now. He's such a sweet heart, off the ice, and he is adorable. I was wondering, if I write a one shot about him (I already started it) would anyone read it?

Please let me know and continue to read and comment on all of my other stories!