Monday, February 28, 2011

Chapter Fifteen; Dormir

I know it's really short, but I had a few ideas and it's been a while since I posted so I thought I'd give you guys a little something.

Chapter Fifteen

The next morning Kailey was awoke by the sound of her phone, expecting it to be Jared, Kailey answered in a slightly annoyed tone. She was surprised when the accented voice on the other end said, "You okay Kailey?"

"Oh, hey Marc." Her tone changed and a smile came to her lips. "Sorry, I expected it to be Jared."

"Has it really been that bad?"

"He called during practice, the game, and then again when we got back to the hotel last night. I love him but I get a feeling that he doesn't trust me. Anyway, I'm sure there's a reason you called, right?"

"There is, I was wondering if you would want to come to practice and then just hang out?"

"Sounds good to me, I'll meet you at the arena?"

Kailey rolled out of bed and quickly got ready before making her way to the arena. She got there before Marc and started talking to some of the guys. "So Marc tells me that you play?" Colby asked.

"A little."

"You wouldn't want to skate would you?"

Kailey's face lit up, she loved skating. She loved skating almost as much as she loved Ma-- Jared. "Yeah, am I allowed?"

"If you've got skates," Mike said from the doorway.

Kailey left the locker room for her car to grab her skates from the trunk. When she closed the trunk she jumped. "Oh hey Marc." She slung her skates over her shoulder before hugging him. "I'm gonna skate with you guys."


After lacing up Kailey took the ice with the guys, she tried to stay out of their way as much as possible. It felt good to be back on the ice though, it had been a few weeks since she skated. The cold air whipped at her face, the smell of the ice making her feel alive. She skating around the outside of the rink, stopping to avoid being part of a check or blocking a shot.

As she passed the bench for the fifth or sixth time she was pulled from her relaxed thoughts by the sound of her phone. Just as she expected the caller id read Jared. She didn't stop skating she only slowed her speed before answering. "Hello."

"Hey baby, what are you up to?"

"Skating, you?"

"I'm between classes, I just wanted to check in with you. I'll talk to you later, kay?"

"Okay, I love you."

"I love you too Kailey, bye."

She shoved her phone back in her pocket as she passed the blue-line into the zone where Marc was in net. They made eye contact and Kailey nodded, she knew what he was asking.


When practice ended Kailey waited for Marc to shower and the two of them found somewhere to grab something to eat. They spent the remainder of the day together just talking, catching up on life. After having dinner together Marc walked Kailey to her room. "I'll see you tomorrow?" Marc asked.

Kailey glanced at her watch, "It's still early, you want to come in and talk for a while?"

Marc nodded, "Okay."

Kailey slid her room key and the two of them sat down next to each other on the edge of the bed. Eventually Kailey started to yawn, Marc scooted up towards the head of the bed and patted the spot next to him. "Come on."

Kailey scooted up next to him and rested her head on his chest, soon she was asleep. Marc took his and her shoes off, tossing them as quietly as he could across the room. He wrapped his arm back around her after pulling the blanket over them and fell asleep with her resting in his arms.

Sunday, February 27, 2011

New Story!

Hey everyone the first chapter of my new story, Broken Promises, is up.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

New Story?

Hey guys, I was wondering if anyone would be interested in reading a story that had nothing at all to do with a hockey player? Please get back to me. Hopefully more of this story will be up soon as well. Love you all. GO PENS! <3