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Chapter Eighteen; Amis

It has been a crazy long time, hasn't it? Well, I finally give you a new chapter! Also, a good friend of mine has also gotten back into writing recently. We have both been writing for years now. So, if you could check out her stuff that would be awesome. Her story is called I'll Meet You There. Love you, haleys_famous_  !              

Chapter Eighteen: Amis

                Kailey sat back in the swing and tried to sort through the countless thoughts that were swirling around in her head. Was it really obvious that I have feelings for Marc? She thought. I do love him, but I really didn’t think that it was that obvious. Well at least the strain of Jared’s clinginess is over. She had loved Jared, she really had, and she still did, but his jealousy was getting to be too much to handle. On one hand she was happy that she was free to talk to the Frenchman she loved as much as she wanted, but on the other she was sad that her year long relationship with a life-long friend had come to an end. We’ll still be friends, won’t we?

                Upon deciding that giving her now ex-boyfriend some time before they started hanging out again as friends she pulled her cell phone from her pocket and moved Marc to number two on her speed dial. Once the change to her contacts list was made she pressed and held the newly assigned button. “Bonjour Kailey, ca va?” 

                “Bonjour Marc. Well, it’s over.”

                “What’s over?” He asked, now a bit worried.

                “Jared broke up with me.” She didn’t feel as sad as she had after past break-ups.

                “Oh Kay, I’m sorry.”

                “It’s fine, really. I think it’s what’s best. If anything he was only getting more clingy.”


                As the summer went on the rumors of a lockout were turning into truth and both Marc and Kailey knew that their chances of seeing each other anytime soon were slim. The end of August came and it was time for Kailey to head off to school. As she had hoped she would be attending Robert Morris University and playing for their hockey team. Hockey didn’t start for a couple weeks so her focus was on her classes and the start of the American Hockey League season that was quickly approaching. Marc would be playing for the Wilkes-Barre/Scranton Penguins and he as well as Kay hoped that they would be able to see each other before too much time past.


                Days and weeks passed more quickly than Kailey has expected that they would. Classes, homework, hockey practices and games took up the bulk of her time; but she never let more than a few days pass before she talked to Marc again. If she had still been dating Jared she would have no time at all for herself. Not having a boyfriend is for the best. She thought one night between her last class and hockey practice when she was supposed to be concentrating on an English paper that was due the next day. I do miss Marc, though.

                All of September and October came and gone and soon Kay would be going home for Thanksgiving break. Robert Morris wasn’t far from Pittsburgh, but with all that occupied her time at school and no NHL season she hadn’t been home since the start of the school year. Luckily there were no hockey games over the break so she would be able to go home and see her family and friends for a few days. And Jared, she thought. She hadn’t seen him since the break-up.


                When Kailey returned to Pittsburgh her first day was spent catching up with Nikki and Amy. Amy and Nikki both had work in the evening, though, so when they left Kailey found her hockey stick in her bedroom and headed out to the yard.  She had been outside for about forty minutes when she left something cold on her cheek. Snow. She looked up to the sky and watched the flakes fall for a few minutes before a voice pulled her back to reality. 

                “Hey.” She would know that voice anywhere, even if she hadn’t heard it in months. 

                “Hey, Jer.”

                He stood with his hands in his hoodie pocket, playing with a rock with the toe of his shoe. It was awkward on both sides of the conversation. “My mom had me bring a pie over for tomorrow and I figured that you would be out here. You were always out here when you were home.”

                “It’s good to see you again, Jared. How have you been?”

                “I’ve been pretty good; hockey and school. It’s good to see you again, too. Is this the first time you’ve been home?”

                “It is, I’ve been busy with school and games and practices.” Silence filled the space of a few minutes. “You wanna shoot for a bit?” 

                “Sure.” Kailey has brought out a second stick without even thinking about it. She walked to the side of the house to grab it and handed it to her ex. “I’ve miss you, Kailey.”

                “I’ve missed you, too.” After a few shots on net things seemed to be back to the way they had been before their feelings for each other were known. Back when they had just been friends. Perhaps it was finally time to be friends again.

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As well written! Hope they stay just friends and her and Marc can develop something!